Sauteed Fresh Corn

Sauteed Fresh CornLike the seasons for apples and tomatoes, the fresh sweet corn season is all too fleeting in the upper Midwest.  (Cauliflower season, by contrast, seems to go on and on forever.)  I could, and have, eaten corn on the cob for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, without butter, salt, or other embellishments.  My grandparents grew fantastic sweet corn, and they even grew their own popcorn.  I seem to remember having corn on the cob as a special treat for dinner after the first day of school in late August.  Our CSA corn was depleted somewhat this year by raccoons and other critters, so we supplemented our supply with sweet corn from a nearby farm stand.

Because I love the stuff so much, I’m loathe to remove it from the cob with anything other than my teeth.  I’ve been disappointed by corn-off-the-cob recipes that waste precious corn (not to mention time).  But, since we’d already eaten several ears each this summer, I forged ahead with this recipe for Sauteed Fresh Corn (Barefoot Contessa Parties!, p. 125).  We were not disappointed in the least, and this was something even the Picky Toddler enjoyed.  I don’t think the results would be quite the same with frozen corn, but this would be well worth buying a few extra fresh ears to make.


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