To Cleanse Your Palate

Don’t worry – there will be more food posts coming soon.  I’m just taking this opportunity to reflect on a few things before diving back in.

First of all, it hasn’t escaped my attention that there have been no dinner recipes featured yet.  Rest assured, my family eats three squares a day.  We’ve been enjoying the vegetable recipes so much, and in order to try so many new recipes out, we’ve been resorting to rotisserie chicken, or whatever I can make with the ingredients we have on hand, for the main dish.  It has also been great weather for soup, so we’ve made that into a meal a few times lately.  Stay tuned for dinner recipes:  they’re coming.

I was saddened yesterday to hear that Gourmet magazine is closing up shop after nearly 70 years of publication.  I’m not currently a subscriber, but I have been in the past, and I’m a big fan of its most recent Editor, Ruth Reichl.  Because there is so much great food writing out there, the end of Gourmet has inspired me to list my favorite cooking websites and blogs in a box on the right, as soon as I can figure out these blasted WordPress widgets.

Does anyone know of an alternative to swordfish?  I think I’ll steer clear of it for health reasons, but I’d like to find a similar-tasting (but safer) fish for the few swordfish recipes in the Barefoot Contessa series.

On a much happier note, I love it when my favorite worlds collide.  I loved the television program, Gilmore Girls, even though I didn’t become a devotee until the later seasons were being broadcast.  I’ve seen every episode at least three times, and I can’t claim a favorite.  But, I do have a special place in my heart in the first scene of the second episode of the seventh season (got that?).  In it, one of the main characters, Lorelai Gilmore, asks herself, “WWTBFCD?”, or “What Would The Barefoot Contessa Do?”, a phrase that has earned its own entry in  Hearing my beloved Contessa’s name evoked by my favorite television character was almost like introducing my husband to my best friend.  On Christmas.  While eating chocolate.  And petting a puppy.


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