Chive Biscuits

ChivesThe decision to make these biscuits came from the desire to preserve whatever I could of our herb garden before it froze (it’s cold here!), and the fact that I wanted something to go with the beef stew I had simmering in the slow cooker.  These biscuits are actually from the breakfast section of Barefoot Contessa Family Style on p. 193, but I thought they made a great addition to stew.  I don’t have biscuit cutters, and I would be a disaster making circles freehand-style, so I used an upside-down drinking glass to cut the dough into rounds for the biscuits.  I don’t remember where I learned this trick, but it works really well, and it has saved me the money and the drawer space that one more kitchen gadget would cost.  It helps to dip the glass in a little flour first to prevent sticking.  The hardest part about these biscuits was trimming 1/2 c of chives.  That’s a lot of snipping!

Biscuit Cutter Chive Biscuits


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