French Apple Tart

French Apple TartLighter and some would say prettier than its crostata cousin, this French Apple Tart (pp. 191-192, Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics) was about as easy as an apple dessert can be, especially when using the optional shortcut of pre-made puff pastry.  This did not turn out to be as attractive as the photo on p. 190 of Back to Basics, but to be fair, I didn’t start out with the prettiest of apples, either.  Still, I think it would have been presentable as a somewhat light dinner party dessert, and it tasted so good that we didn’t have to worry too much about preserving any leftovers.



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2 responses to “French Apple Tart

  1. Jen

    This looks so good! I love apple deserts but hate peeling and coring.

    We should have a photo shoot/cooking date sometime. I love food photography.

  2. Jen, that would be awesome!

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