Roasted Parsnips & Carrots

Roasted Parsnips & CarrotsIf you’ve never eaten parsnips before, you might think of them as the pale little sister of the carrot.  Since I’m the pale little sister in my family, I guess I’m the parsnip.  As it turns out, the parsnip isn’t quite as sweet or as pretty as the carrot, either, and so the similarities continue.  This recipe (Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics, p. 179) wasn’t so different from Roasted Carrots, of course, but it gave me the opportunity to eat up the parsnips from our last CSA box of the season.  If I were making this recipe again, I would have cut up the thicker parts of the parsnips more, to make them more similar in size to the thinner ends, and would then roast more evenly.  Even so, the leftovers were so good that I ate them cold for breakfast the next day.  Not too shabby for a pale little sister.


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