Perfect Roast Chicken

I’d only be exaggerating a little bit to say that I haven’t been this proud of something I’ve made since I first laid eyes on my newborn son.  Despite the fact that I can roast a turkey (and have, with success, several times), roast chicken has always been a disaster in my kitchen.  The smoke alarm always, always, always goes off (and this time was no exception), and the chicken never turned out just right, until this time.  Thus, our obsession with the rotisserie chickens from the grocery store.  I’d even used this recipe (Barefoot Contessa Cookbook, p. 130) before, but for some reason I didn’t have success until this time.  This chicken not only tasted better than the rotisserie chicken from the store, but it also cost less and made the house smell fantastic.  I can still see us buying the pre-cooked chickens when we don’t want to heat up the oven (and therefore the house) for over an hour, but as winter approaches, I think this will be a new go-to option.

Roast Chicken


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