Chicken Stock

It’s rare that a Barefoot Contessa recipe has me scratching my head, especially for something so basic as chicken stock, but I have to admit that I’m a little befuddled.  The recipe for Homemade Chicken Stock on p. 61 of Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics calls for three whole chickens and a series of whole vegetables and fresh herbs.  At the end of the stock-making process, the solid ingredients are strained away and discarded.  My impression has always been that stock should be made from the discards of already-used foods:  shrimp shells for fish stock, for example.  This way, nothing is wasted.  So, I will admit this:  I did not follow the recipe for chicken stock.  I still made stock, and I took a picture of it, but until I have a stock pot big enough to handle three whole chickens and enough money to burn on wasted ingredients, I won’t be following that recipe to the letter.  Instead, I used the carcass from roasted chicken, along with some onions, garlic, and greens.  I froze the greens from the carrots we received in our CSA box this summer, and threw them into the mix.  The leafy parts of the celery for the chicken salad were also put to good use.  This method has served me well for years, and I’ll continue to employ it to make the most of what’s left in the kitchen.

Chicken Stock


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