Vanilla Extract

I can’t even begin to decide what the most pleasurable part of this recipe was for me, and it isn’t even time to consume it yet.

First, I got to go to Costco, which in my opinion beats out Disney World for the Happiest Place on Earth.  There, I bought vanilla beans (who knew?) and a giant bottle of vodka.  For someone who doesn’t drink, I get an odd thrill out of buying bulk liquor.  Then, I got to go to The Container Store, which houses not only the most exquisite collection of organizing tools, but also the most chipper employees this side of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.  I found a suitable glass jar for vanilla-making there, and I went home to brew my potion.

The recipe (p. 199, The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook) says that it will be ready in a month.  Stay tuned.




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4 responses to “Vanilla Extract

  1. Linda Klitzke

    You always were fond of making potents and other creations, which must have been the for runner of your interest in cooking. I will be especially interested in how this one turns out particularly with all the vodka involved.


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