Mac and Cheese

This is not your blue box stovetop mac and cheese, people – it’s the real deal.  I substituted Colby for Gruyere, because I was reminded recently that I really just don’t like Gruyere.  A tiny bit, sure, but not 12 ounces in one recipe.  The colby was serviceable, but I think I would have increased the cheddar-to-colby ratio to give the whole dish more oomph.  I was pleasantly surprised that the (out of season) tomatoes tasted as good as they did.  Barefoot Contessa Family Style, p. 202




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3 responses to “Mac and Cheese

  1. Liz

    We’ve made this before and its delicious! You can do a swiss for the gruyere too.

  2. It is delicious. I always thought Gruyere was pretty much the same as Swiss cheese, but now I have a reason to investigate. It seems a bit milder to me than other Swiss cheese, so I think I just have a general bias against the whole Swiss family. Of cheese, of course. Swiss Miss is still my friend. And I understand the Swiss people are a delightful bunch. It’s just the cheese that gets to me, I suppose.

  3. Hold the phone! You don’t like Gruyere? We cannot be friends! 😉 I looooooove it. And tomatoes on mac and cheese? That’s so hoosier. Well, at least my hoosier parents used to do that when I was a kid.

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