Lasagna with Turkey Sausage

I put off making this lasagna for a long time, because, as the introduction to the recipe (p. 100, Barefoot Contessa Family Style) says, “Everyone has a favorite family lasagna recipe.”  Why mess with what you know, especially when it involves some effort?  I was especially wary of turkey sausage (I’m not a big fan of fennel seed, so most Italian sausage turns me off), and the goat cheese.  So, I foisted this lasagna on some unsuspecting guests who came over to babysit.  The turkey sausage tasted no different than other Italian sausage, but I would advise that anyone who doesn’t really care for Italian sausage to substitute at least half of it with ground beef to cut down on some of the seasoning.  Also, there was only 4 oz. of goat cheese to 15 oz. of ricotta, but it was still slightly too-goat-cheesy for me.  Next time, I just won’t use goat cheese, because quite honestly, it won’t cut down on the general cheesy-ness of the entire dish.  The fresh mozzarella was a nice touch.

For my fellow haters of fennel seed and/or goat cheese, I recommend this recipe, especially if you like a meaty lasagna.


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