Broccoli with Garlic

This is listed as a salad (Barefoot Contessa Cookbook, p. 100), but we ate it as a warm side dish.  It’s a nice alternative to plain steamed broccoli, without any fussy sauces.

Normally, I’m not a fan of broccoli “salads,” even though I love steamed broccoli.

When my grandfather died, my grandmother’s neighbor must have cleaned out her refrigerator into a clear jell-o salad, which included raw broccoli, among other things.  Upon tasting it, my dad proclaimed that he was sorry to have lost his father, but glad he only had one to lose, lest someone else show their sympathy in a similar fashion.

Later, when I helped my parents move out of my childhood home, I was charged with sorting through their recipes and cookbooks (doubtless to keep me from decimating their more important files when they saw how ruthlessly I was growing the trash pile).  In my sorting, I found at least 8 copies of a recipe for “cranoccoli,” which was a broccoli salad which included not only raw broccoli, but also mayonnaise, raw onion, and dried cranberries.  As they say in the Mississippi Delta, I liketa died.  Why anyone would need one copy of that abomination, much less 8, was beyond my imagination.  No, I still haven’t tried it.  And if anyone asks me to bring broccoli salad to dinner, I’ll be bringing the version pictured above and not any of the funereal or mayonnaise-y atrocities.



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