Dinner Spanakopitas

I firmly believe that there are two kinds of people in the world:  those who can work with phyllo dough, and those who can’t.  The former are probably all of Greek descent, and I fall into the latter group.  If you, too, fail at phyllo, I only recommend this recipe if you feel like recreating those moments in junior high when you were the only kid who couldn’t do a chin-up (or was it called a pull-up?) in gym class or thread the sewing machine in home ec.  (Hours – DAYS – of my life were wasted away trying both of those activities, when I could have been perfecting my phyllo-handling abilities.)

Anyway, the final product turned out well, even though the aftermath in our kitchen ended up looking like someone took a paper shredder to the preservation project for the Star Spangled Banner.  Sorry, Betsy Ross.

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