Raspberry Cheesecake

Here’s another recipe (Barefoot Contessa Cookbook) that had me so carried away that I didn’t bother to take a picture until leftover time.  This recipe was, quite frankly, a total pain, but the kind of total pain that was so worthwhile that this may be the only cheesecake recipe I ever use again.  There were three different oven temperatures:  one for the crust, one for the initial baking, and one for finishing.  It takes over an hour to bake, and part of that baking time is with the oven off, but the door wide open.  In other words, do not attempt with toddlers underfoot!  I baked this at night, so that wasn’t a problem.  I did end up baking it for an additional 30 minutes, though, because even though the recipe promised that it would set during the final resting time, I was nervous about that, given the fact that there are so many eggs involved in the cheesecake, and I was serving it for dessert to some VIP dinner guests the following night.

Confession:  I got really lazy after all those convoluted instructions and couldn’t be bothered to make fresh raspberry sauce.  We had some triple berry pie filling (yes, in a jar – I’ll go sit in time out now) from a vacation we took last summer, so, being the classy hostess that I am, I passed the jar around with a spoon.  Impressive.  Still, nobody complained, and they didn’t protest when I sent home some of the leftovers with them.  (Not *all* of the leftovers – do I seem that nice?)  I accomplished all of this dazzling hostessery while regaling my guests’ young sons about the wonders of poultry reproduction and illicit drugs.  Did I mention that these guests of honor are my husband’s new boss and his family?  What can I say?  I’m still waiting for the call from Martha Stewart’s etiquette editors to do a guest piece.


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