Steak with Béarnaise Sauce

I’ve never been much of an indoor steak cook.  On the rare occasion that we cook steak at home, it’s on the grill in the summertime.  But, we have a few steaks in the freezer from our CSA’s partnership with a grass-fed beef farm, and I’ve been wanting to try them before freezer burn gets the best of them.  I’m no longer afraid to cook steak indoors, nor am I afraid to make bearnaise sauce, because of these recipes from Barefoot in Paris.  I had never even heard of  béarnaise sauce until I went on my honeymoon.  My dear, sweet, thoughtful, kind, romantic husband made dinner reservations for us on the grand porch of an old lodge at sunset, at a fantastic steak restaurant.  It was the only place that I’d ever seen anything other than A1 or Heinz 57 served alongside a steak, and I was duly impressed.  As we held hands and gazed out into the sunset, I said, “Wow!  I’ve never seen that many birds flying together before!”  With a bit of a catch in his voice, he mumbled something like, “Yeah, um, me neither.”  He didn’t tell me until we were safely inside that the “birds” were actually bats swarming around.  Yeesh.  So, it was at that restaurant that I was introduced to not only lovely steak sauces such as the tasty béarnaise, but it was also the place and time where I was first exposed to what can only be deemed an act of loving deception:  my new husband protecting me from my own phobia by playing along with my self-delusion that I was seeing birds and not flying rodents.  I’m still grateful for that – if I had known they were bats, I never would have stayed long enough to finish my dinner.


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