Blintzes With(out) Blueberry Sauce

I’ve never made blintzes before, mostly because of the labor intensiveness that they seem to require.  I don’t mind labor intensive recipes, but breakfast is not the time to experiment with futz.  So, I decided to get cute and try to make these in advance.  I made (at least) two fatal errors:  I poured too much batter in the bottom of the pan, not leaving enough for the top, and I didn’t account for extra cooking time that was required by having the whole mess in the refrigerator overnight.  The result:  an unattractive, unset, gloopy mess.  At least I didn’t waste the time and ingredients for the blueberry sauce.  In theory, I think this is a good idea – rather than the original concept of making individual pancakes and stuffing them with cheese, I like the idea of putting them all in a pan, and I may start making all of our pancakes in the oven this way.  But because I was both lazy and too careless to accurately measure the bottom vs. the top batter, I had toast that morning instead.  Boo.

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