Provençal Vegetable Soup

This recipe (Barefoot in Paris) was a great way to get a great serving of vegetables in the middle of winter, and it also served me by helping me to clean out the freezer.  There are a few things that separate this from ordinary vegetable soup:  it includes pistou (like pesto), and it contains both potatoes and pasta, so it’s a bit on the starchy side.  I used frozen CSA green beans in place of haricots verts, so this was probably a little more sloppy than it should have been, but I didn’t mind.  I used yellow potatoes, which may have added to the starchiness, but either the potatoes or the noodles could have been eliminated if you didn’t want that much starch.  Instead of making the pesto fresh, I dug out some beautiful arugula pesto that I made from our CSA arugula last summer.  I mixed it with some tomato paste (also from the freezer!) to make the pistou.  Just a little bit of the pistou gave the soup a great flavor, and I’ll definitely use that trick again.

I found some great rosemary ciabatta rolls in the freezer section of the grocery store, which rounded this out nicely, along with the Chive Risotto Cakes.


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  1. Beautiful and so great that you freeze what you can’t use from the CSA. I bought a juicer last year and have had a routine weekly juicing session to take out what I can’t eat. The recipe looks great.

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