Pumpkin Roulade with Ginger Buttercream

This is even better than it looks.  It’s my first attempt at a jelly roll-style cake, which have always been intimidating to me, but it really wasn’t that difficult.  It also surprised me how little fat is in the cake itself, which of course is undone by the gobs of mascarpone filling.  I made this to use up some of the surplus canned pumpkin that I bought in the fall, with an impending pumpkin shortage threatening the grocery store shelves.  Pumpkin is one of those things that I think even Martha Stewart buys in canned form, and it’s also a vegetable that my toddler will consistently eat (in pancakes, mostly).  It’s full of Vitamin A and fiber, so I figure it’s better than no vegetables at all.  The threatened pumpkin shortage had me in a panic, envisioning toddler vegetable shortages, so I stocked the shelves while the getting was good.  As it turns out, a person can only make so many pumpkin pancakes before going a little nutty, especially when their intended recipient throws them on the floor for the dog.  Pumpkin pie is fine (and a favorite around here any time of year), but this roulade is really something special.  It’s not nearly as difficult as it looks, and the baking time is only 10 minutes, so it would actually make a nice summer dessert, too, when you don’t want the oven to heat up the house for too long.

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