Winter Squash Soup

I was so excited to find a recipe (Barefoot in Paris) for butternut squash soup that did not call for curry.  This was a good use for the remainder of the large can of pumpkin that I cracked open for the pumpkin roulade.  The end result was excellent, and I’ll make it again, but it made an impressive mess of the kitchen.  Also, I doubled the cooking time (from 20 minutes to 40) for the butternut squash.  In the future, I would add the chicken stock and the butternut squash together and let them simmer for 20 minutes, and then add the pumpkin for the remaining 20 minutes.  I don’t know what kind of butternut squash can cook by simmering for 20 minutes, but all that I’ve encountered are as hard as my kitchen counter and take a little longer to soften.

In the end, though, the soup was a hit, and I’m going to use it when we get all those weird squashes and pumpkins from our CSA in the fall.

Also, a note on onions.  I have a strong distaste for raw onions (in my food or on your breath), but the sauteed onions that begin most of these soup recipes are essential.  They give the soup a flavor that, if eliminated, would leave them flat and lacking.  Also, I’m hearing all kinds of news about how good onions and garlic are for our health.  I would say that an onion-hater would probably not even detect their presence in a soup like this (especially if sweet yellow onions are used), and they make a huge difference in the end result.


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  1. Addendum: I’m still cleaning the remains of this soup off of our walls, floors, backsplash and even our ceiling one week later. Lord have mercy.

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