Portobello Mushroom Lasagna

Have you ever had a really excellent bowl of Cream of Mushroom soup at a restaurant?  We’re not talking about Campbell’s condensed here, of course, but the creamy, rich, substantial but light kind that you might find on a Friday night at a chic restaurant.  This recipe (Barefoot Contessa at Home) is like that kind of soup, but in a lasagna.  I’ve heard portobellos called “meaty” before, usually when used as a meat substitute on a burger bun.  I don’t think of them as meaty (and I’ll almost always choose a real burger over a big grilled mushroom), but they add a fantastic flavor to this lasagna.  It was also the perfect excuse for me to use up all the odds and ends of half-used boxes of lasagna noodles in the cabinet.  The béchamel, which incidentally always makes me giddy when it thickens up without too much effort, absolutely requires the nutmeg for this recipe.

Unfortunately for him and fortunately for me, my husband is not a big mushroom kind of guy.  So, I made a pan of this and froze the majority of it in lunch-sized portions for myself.  Yum.


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