Mexican Chicken Soup

This recipe (Barefoot Contessa at Home) wasn’t so different from the Chicken Chili, but I don’t mind an excuse to eat avocados and cheese.



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2 responses to “Mexican Chicken Soup

  1. Amy (PSCG)

    Hey Carrie-

    I am enjoying your blog! Love the Contessa. I’d love to hear about what you served alongside any of these recipes to make it a meal (if it was part of a meal). Sometimes deciding what to serve is the hardest part of dinner prep for me.

    : )


  2. Hi Amy! Thanks for reading! We ate the cornbread with the Mexican chicken soup. We often pick up a rotisserie chicken to go with the vegetable side dishes, especially since that’s something that the toddler will gobble up gladly. We ate the rosemary polenta and the scallops together. The polenta and rice recipes have been nice to get us out of a potato rut, actually. The shrimp scampi and the herbed basmati rice were nice together, too. If I’m uninspired by the vegetable recipes or need something quick because I’m making something more involved for everything else, I will use frozen peas or green beans.

    If you go back several recipes, you’ll find that the short ribs and the pot roast were severely disappointing – those actually would have been better in the crock pot, which would be ideal for a family meal.

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