Lemon Meringue Tart

I was in charge of dessert for this year’s family Easter celebration.  This tart (Barefoot in Paris) represents one-half of my contribution.  Because I am ultimately lazy, I regretfully used a shortcut.  I used (whispering now) a store-bought pie crust.  It was foolish.  Rolling out pie dough is really no big deal, but between my rhinovirus-infected child, absent-for-Holy-Week husband, and the desire to clean the food processor and counter one less time, I resorted to my favorite back-up:  the Trader Joe’s frozen pie crust.  I don’t know if homemade crust would have made a difference here, but the results were less than perfect:  the crust shrank (shrunk?) back from the edges.  The failings of this recipe aren’t completely due to my laziness, though.  The instructions for the lemon filling indicate that stirring it over medium low heat for 8-10 minutes will result in a thick filling.  Try, instead, stirring it for 30 minutes on medium to medium-high heat (and I have the carpal tunnel syndrome to prove it).  At the end of the day, though, I would say that the results were good.  I should have known that a three-page recipe on a holiday weekend was not my best decision, and I shouldn’t take my poor decision out on this recipe.  I didn’t end up piping the meringue on top as instructed, for two reasons:  1.  My laziness (see again, supra), and 2.  I kind of like how the old-fashioned lemon meringue pies look with all their swirls and curlicues.


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