Classic Potato Salad

My college friend Amber hit the nail on the head when she said that opinions abound when it comes to egg salad, mostly because we all love the way our families made it when we were growing up.  Amber and I survived college dorm food together (thanks in no small part to cold cereal, the salad bar, and Saturday morning pancakes), and now she’s one of my food heroes.  She’s an aspiring locavore, and I try not to be jealous when she writes about buying oranges at her farmers’ market near her California home.

Amber’s theory about egg salad extends to potato salad as well, in my opinion.  I didn’t even like potato salad until I was well into my twenties, but I still have strong opinions about what should be in it.  This version (Barefoot Contessa at Home) is nice, and it provides a canvas to add your own family’s favorites.  I omitted the raw red onion and added a little celery seed.  Hard boiled eggs would have made it extra good.  We had this with sandwiches for a weeknight dinner.  I made a half-batch, and even halving the dressing recipe would provide enough for a sandwich spread or tuna salad for the next day’s lunch.  If you don’t like dill and decide to eliminate it, you’ll probably want something to boost the flavor a bit:  roasted garlic, perhaps, or maybe some fresh parsley.

Our CSA farmers have a special affinity for a great variety of potatoes, so I can’t wait to try this recipe this summer with some beautiful blue-fleshed potatoes.


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