Old Friends

I have some Barefoot recipes that I’ve made in the past few weeks that are waiting to be blogged, but I haven’t exactly been tearing up the cookbooks lately.  For one thing, I’m uninspired by the late-winter, early-spring offerings of Minnesota.  I’m just dying for our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share to start next month so I can attack the local ingredients, and until then I’m just kind of dithering around with a mix of imported ingredients and whatever can be foraged from the freezer.  Also, to be honest, the travel from a few weeks ago completely wiped me out.  We’re getting back on schedule, and my non-cooking life has been taking over.  I teach piano lessons and do some independent contracting from home, and of course my Curessa crown can never get too rusty, so I’ve been toting the toddler around to various and sundry church events.  Excuses, excuses… I know.  Meanwhile, my family still needs to eat.  When I don’t want to break out something new and unknown, I resort to some old favorites.  Always popular at our house:  spaghetti with meat sauce and tacos (both with grass-fed beef or bison, lately).  We also like this soup with this bread.  (For the soup, I substituted red bell pepper for green bell pepper, and green beans for zucchini – any number of vegetables could be thrown in.)  This bread should really be considered a cake, but I’m not above serving it for breakfast.  I made all three of the linked recipes for friends this week when they babysat our son – let it not be said that I don’t know how to butter people up.  Mmmm… butter.


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  1. embarrassed to say that I can actually remember when that soup recipe was published in Bon Apetit. I loved it then. Good luck with your CSA.

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