Spicy Bloody Marys

I need to give ample credit to my family for helping me with this project, and this post is dedicated to my dad.  Remember my dad?  He was mentioned here.  And more memorably here.  He will eat (and enjoy) foods that inspire eye-rolling and dry heaves from the rest of the family.  My mom once enlisted me to help her clean the basement and organize the canned goods, overwhelmed by the cases of soup and canned corn that my dad brought home from the grocery store.  I helped her develop a system, and an integral part of the system was to designate a shelf (or three) devoted especially to “Foods Only Dad Will Eat.”  Smoked clams.  Pickled asparagus.  Sardines.

Finally, I have found a use for his … accepting palate.  Just as in my parents’ basement, there will be posts on this blog devoted to “Foods Only Dad Will Eat.”  This bloody mary will inaugurate the series, which will doubtless be dispersed over several months.  Tomato juice, vodka, horseradish, celery… he even added a pickle after this photo was taken.

Just looking at it reminds me of my undergraduate years at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, when I discovered that several of my friends drank these vile concoctions before football games when the games were played early in the day.  I was disgusted, not so much by their early-morning alcohol consumption as by the other ingredients they were downing, even willingly.  “Don’t you know that OLD PEOPLE drink those?” I asked in dismay.  Undeterred by my horror, they drank on.

So, bottoms up, Dad and fellow Wisconsin badgers.  Just don’t ask me to drink with you.


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