Radishes with Butter and Salt

Much like cauliflower, radishes were not high on our list of vegetables that excited us about participating in a Community Supported Agriculture farm.  Last year, I found a wonderful recipe involving a balsamic vinegar reduction from Mark Bittman.  It’s basically reprinted here, using a different kind of vinegar.  But I’ve heard many people wax philosophical about how the French eat radishes, printed as a recipe in Barefoot in Paris.  Add some fancy butter, really great salt, and some yummy bread, and you barely know you’re eating a vegetable, much less the poor maligned radish. 

P.S.  I washed and froze the beautiful greens that topped these radishes and will use them for vegetable stock.



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2 responses to “Radishes with Butter and Salt

  1. I feel sheltered as I have never heard of eating a cooked radish. When my CSA is overflowing in them (which does happen), I will try this.

  2. Vanessa

    I loooooooooove Plugra! And, I love good bread topped with Plugra and radishes. Yum yum yum.

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