Dear Ina,

Dear Ina,

You know I adore you.  Why else would I take on this insane project and preach the Contessa gospel to everyone I know?  Sure, there have been a few bumpy stretches along the path, but I’ve reconciled those bumps with the fact that you have an irrational fear of slow cookers.  But why on earth would I take the time to wash, peel, and shred beautiful organic carrots, only to add them to a mayonaisse-y, gloppy, salad (Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics)?  Even my husband, who loves all things mayonnaise, would refuse to eat that.  It has RAISINS in it, for crying out loud.  I have to draw the line somewhere, and I’m drawing it right in front of this atrocity.  Plus, it was my birthday.  If I’m going to make my own birthday cake, it damn well better be perfect.

In its stead, I made this lovely carrot cake, with no raisins, thank you.  It was perfection.  So there.

Still yours,

The Curessa



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5 responses to “Dear Ina,

  1. Anisa

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Laura

    Thanks for the laugh … and Happy Birthday!

  3. This looks just wonderful. I have planted about 46 carrots, while dreaming of such a cake. Thank you for inspiring me!

  4. Vanessa

    LOL! Your birthday cake looks great. But just so we’re clear, I would add raisins and that salad sounds just up my alley. I could eat mayo with a spoon, and have been known to do so. 😉

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