Bun. In the Oven.

Regular readers may have noticed a dip in posts for the past 6 weeks or so.  The slow down started with the boom in the  CSA season – we are dutifully eating what comes in our box, and if Ina doesn’t have a swiss chard recipe, then Ina takes a back seat to our local ingredients.

For the past several weeks, though, I’ve taken a little sabbatical from cooking anything more than a toasted bagel.  The kitchen is in a sad state.  I’m 8 weeks pregnant, and feeling every bit of it.  We are, of course, overjoyed and excited for the baby due on April 16.  Still, it’s awfully rude what these little miracles do to our bodies.   I was sick like this when I was pregnant with my son, too, so it’s not exactly unexpected.  I trust that my appetite will return, and along with it, my joy in browsing through cookbooks and filling our kitchen with good smells.  In the meantime, I’m grateful for my sweet, supportive husband, a fantastic doctor, and wonderful friends and family.

Stay tuned for newly blogged recipes in a few weeks.  I’m afraid that several of the summer recipes will have to wait until next year, as I was just not up to making them this time around, and the fall breezes are already cooling us here in Minnesota.



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3 responses to “Bun. In the Oven.

  1. Liz

    Congratulations! How exciting!

  2. Laura

    Congratulations!! What great news! I hope you are feeling better soon, I love reading your blog and can’t wait for more ideas!

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