Plum Crunch

I made this recipe (Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics) when I was just a few weeks pregnant, before the serious woe-is-me moments started.  The photo has been sitting on my laptop, just waiting to be published.  The photo doesn’t really show how beautiful the plums were, or that we served it with vanilla ice cream.

I made the Plum Crunch for dinner guests, and some of them admitted after the fact that they were wary of plums in dessert.  For the sake of the blog, and in order to be gracious guests, they tried it, and promised they didn’t regret their decision.  One guest took some home, and another was still raving about it the next day.  That’s the beauty of this project – if I weren’t exploring outside of my comfort zone, this would have been a peach crisp in the summer or an apple crisp in the fall.  The plums added beautiful flavor, and we’ll definitely try it again.  Bonus:  they did not have to be peeled!



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2 responses to “Plum Crunch

  1. It looks great! And I agree – this isn’t something I would normally have made were itn ot for the cokoing challenge Im’ doing. The plums gave it such a different depth in flavour – it was wonderful. Glad yours was a hit as well!

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