Panko-Crusted Salmon and Warm French Lentils

These recipes, both from Barefoot Contessa:  How Easy Is That?, would make the perfect New Year’s Resolution meal.  I’ve made this twice in a week, and my husband has raved about the results.  He is not known to be a health food fiend, so it’s not a small thing that he went back for seconds on the lentils and asked for the salmon again less than a week later.

A few tweaks:  I omitted the step in the lentils recipe calling for the onion pierced with cloves, and the turnip.  There was still plenty of flavor, and the lentils are still excellent (even cold) the next day.  The salmon, when started on the stove top, made a huge mess of the pan.  Instead, the second time, I started it in the hot oven, and then added the panko mixture.  Much less messy, with just as much flavor.  I also might have doubled the amount of lemon zest – I just used the zest of an entire lemon.

I buy Copper River salmon (Alaskan wild salmon) from Costco.  I like that it’s individually frozen, so I can just thaw one at a time.



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4 responses to “Panko-Crusted Salmon and Warm French Lentils

  1. Oouu another one I’ve flagged in the cookbook to try. Yours looks llike it turned out great!

  2. Ralph

    I made the recipe with the cloves and turnip. My wife could definitely taste the added flavor. The filets are difficult to transfer to the skillet without making a mess, but I think the step is necessary to get a crispy skin.

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