Lemon Chicken Breasts (or Thighs, if you’re feeling rebellious or just cheap)

This recipe comes from Barefoot Contessa:  How Easy is That?

If I had actually followed the directions, it would probably look a lot more like the photo in the cookbook.  Instead, I substituted garlic scapes for cloves of garlic and summer savory instead of oregano and thyme.  I also substituted chicken stock for wine, and used way too much of it, both because I’m too lazy to go out and buy wine, and not motivated enough to actually measure anything.  And of course, I used thighs instead of breasts because that’s what we had.

These are garlic scapes. They look weird, don't they?

The results were still good, if ugly.  It has been deemed worthy of repeating, at the very least.  It’s great to have another use for chicken, and we’re always looking for something (hopefully a protein) to go with our vegetables in the summer.  I think that these ingredients would make a nice marinade for the grill, too, if you didn’t want to heat up the oven.



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2 responses to “Lemon Chicken Breasts (or Thighs, if you’re feeling rebellious or just cheap)

  1. Anne

    When I made that last night (great minds think alike!), a certain husband of mine wanted to know if I could use thighs instead. He said he wanted more flavor. Glad to know you think it would work out…..

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