Peach Raspberry Crisp

It’s fruit crisp month here at the Contessa-Curessa Project, which coincides well with National Ice Cream Month.  This recipe (from the Barefoot Contessa Cookbook) makes a huge batch.  I see that as a theme in the early Contessa cookbooks, probably because the recipes were originally used for catering.  As time has passed and she appeals to more home cooks, I see the recipe size shrinking for more of a small family size.  I could have halved this recipe, but instead I just divided it between two baking dishes and will bring one to a friend who just had a baby.  I have always loved peach crisp, but never would have thought to add the raspberries.  Blueberries or blackberries would have been equally good.  Stay tuned for more peach recipes later this week – I’m now into our third crate of peaches since last week.


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