Ultimate Peach Ice Cream

Other than my kids, this might be the best thing I’ve ever made.  I’ll admit up front that I did not use the Grand Marnier or Sauternes.  Every time I’ve made ice cream with any kind of liqueur in it, the alcohol flavoring has dominated the ice cream, and that just bums me out, especially because ice cream is kind of a pain to make.  Until this recipe (from Barefoot Contessa: How Easy is That?), I had never made ice cream with an egg-based custard, and I was always disappointed in the results.  The bowl for the ice cream maker sat in my freezer, taking up space and mocking me.  Well, it mocks me no longer.  This is, quite simply, amazing, and now I know that the effort of the egg custard is well worth it.  Make this.  Enjoy it.

Take my advice, though, and don’t try to separate ten (!) eggs while holding an infant.  That was messy.

PS  The word “ultimate” seems to be a theme in recent Barefoot Contessa cookbooks.  What’s up with that?  What happened to the penultimate peach ice cream?

PPS I cannot seem to stop buying peaches.  The fourth flat of them (each containing about a dozen peaches) sits on my kitchen counter now.  The method for separating the skin from the peach, as described in this recipe and others, is so, so easy, so my freezer is slowly being filled with whatever doesn’t get thrown into a baked good or ice cream.



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5 responses to “Ultimate Peach Ice Cream

  1. My first taste of ice cream ever in my humble existence occurred at nine months of age,and it was peach ice cream, fed to me by my Aunt Myrtle. “Try some of this,Sugar,” said Myrtle (or so I am told),with a sly smile on her Texas kisser. I have never been the same. It will be good to try this recipe,but I am afraid I will eat it in its entirety having no one to hold me back. My mother made nearly everything with a custard base,including Rhubarb Custard pie,which again had the propensity to send me into a delirium of delight.

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