Easy Strawberry Jam

I’m a jamstress!

I made this (from Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics) on a weekday morning when I should have been folding laundry instead.  It was, true to its name, easy to make.  I only made 1/3 of a batch because I’m petrified of canning (botulism, anyone?), and I didn’t want to make any more than we can eat in a few weeks.



Filed under Breakfast, Dessert, Sandwich

2 responses to “Easy Strawberry Jam

  1. Did you have the same results as I did: When I made this I found it really sweet but as it sat (say after a few days in the fridge), it mellowed quite a bit and got less sweet as time went on. I liked it better after some “resting time”.

  2. Hmmm… we’ll have to pay attention to see if that happens here! I will say that it smelled terrific while it was cooking.

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