Cocktail Hour

I think I’ve mentioned here before that I don’t really drink.  It’s not for any moral or philosophical reason – I just don’t care for the taste of most alcohol, and I’d rather eat my calories than drink them.  But, for the sake of this project (insert martyr sigh here), I decided to try again.

My husband and I try to get out for a date night whenever we can, but sometimes our schedules and our budget don’t allow for a babysitter and a night out.  So, we made our own date night on our screen porch.  We turned off the TV and turned on the baby monitors, lit some candles, and listened to the crickets.  We laughed.  We sipped.  We didn’t really talk about the kids for once.

He had the “real margarita” (Barefoot Contessa Parties!):

He said it tasted like a real margarita.  I remember wanting to buy margarita glasses when we first got married.  Now I’m glad we didn’t, because in almost 8 years of marriage, this was our first homemade margarita.  I’m glad I know how to make them at home now, though, because one of our favorite Mexican restaurants has gone downhill in recent months.  They always had cheap margaritas, but the food has become so bad there that we won’t go back for the drinks.

I had the whiskey sour (Barefoot Contessa at Home):

It’s pink because I added a little maraschino cherry juice.  Sadly, the maraschino cherries were my favorite part of the drink.  I remember trying (and liking) these in law school, so maybe my taste for whiskey has just disappeared.  I don’t know.  My husband tasted it and liked it, because I went light on the whiskey.  Blech.

I’m just going to have to try harder if I’m going to become a lush.  On the other hand, I highly recommend the stay at home date night.  Within an hour of these photos being taken, the baby woke up and we tended to him.  A few hours later, the 3-year-old woke up.  I’m glad we enjoyed our fleeting quiet time while it lasted, drink or no drink.



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3 responses to “Cocktail Hour

  1. Oops. I just reminded that I liked amaretto sours in law school, not whiskey sours. That explains a lot.

    Who wants most of a slightly-used bottle of Jack Daniels’ finest? Anyone?

  2. Your margarita looks great…I love me a frozen margarita but like you, mexican food is limited where I live. I haven’t made either of the above yet, but do recommend Ina’s “Juice of a few flowers” – 4 citrus juices, vodka, tasty. 🙂 The watermelon mojotis were a bit blah – gorgeous colour but low on flavour…

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