Blue Cheese Soufflé

It’s Micah again!

The Curessa has asked me to take advantage of her absence to make some of the recipes that she wouldn’t want to make due to some of her food aversions (ex. blue cheese, pears, red onions, etc.). I decided to start off with a recipe that she probably wouldn’t want to come within a three-mile radius of – Blue Cheese Soufflé.

This was a bit hard for me, as I’m not exactly the best baker in the first place, and soufflés are notoriously difficult to get right. Still, I figured that I’d give it a shot.

First, I had to make a roux and add in some eggs. There’s a reason there are no photos of that process.

This is the result, though:

Not pictured: the rest of the kitchen, which looked like a tornado carrying agitated housecats and chainsaws had blown through it.

Then came whipping the eggs (this was interesting):

I’m pretty sure that my Wisconsin shirt is the only reason the Curessa asked me to do this.

It was worth it, though:

Mmmmm… blue cheese…

It was really good, actually. The soufflé actually had a substantial amount of Parmesan in it, too, and my mom said that she wouldn’t have guessed that it was a blue cheese dish if she hadn’t already known it. I thought the blue cheese came through pretty well, though. Definitely something I’d make again, although hopefully with less mess next time (seriously, it takes like 28 different saucepans to make a roux).



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