Confession:  I cheated.  Ina’s guacamole recipe (The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook) calls for fresh tomatoes (not quite in season yet) and raw red onion (blech).  Once our fresh, local tomatoes come in, they will be commandeered for other purposes, and since I’m the only one who actually eats guacamole at our house, I don’t think I could sacrifice our favorite summer treat for the recipe.

Instead, I mashed up some avocados and added some of my favorite salsa from Trader Joe’s.  It’s good on chips, and great on tacos.


It’s a total cheat, but it works.  I love guacamole, and I’ve actually found some pretty great, affordable versions at Trader Joe’s, and Costco even sells them in small portioned packages that can be frozen and thawed individually.  But sometimes you want a chunkier version.  Maybe your toddler likes avocado and you want something to do with the part he didn’t eat. Maybe you want to add a little kick or you want to play with the flavor a bit.  Maybe you just want a small amount, and dicing up a whole onion and tomato would be wasted on that.  Either way, my cheat is easy and yummy.  I’m sure Ina couldn’t sell a “recipe” like this, and if she did, people would use some third-rate salsa and then bad mouth her on the Internet.

Instead, bad-mouth me.  I can take it.  I like my cheater guac.

Speaking of guacamole and avocados, Alton Brown had a great episode about avocados a gazillion years ago when we still got cable TV.  I think he even made avocado ice cream and avocado frosting.  That’s dedication.  Has anyone tried these?  I’m intrigued.


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  1. Rachel

    I cheat my guac all the time. I use the TJ pico De gallo. But I think it has red onion:)

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