Lobster Corn Chowder

The first corn in the CSA box had the honor of being in this pretty little thing (Back to Basics).

As much as it pains me to make hot soup in the middle of the hot summer, this was worth it, and the only way to really take advantage of the fresh corn.

We used the same type of langoustines that I had bought for the paella, so there were no lobster shells for the stock.  I wouldn’t say that our experience suffered any, but die-hard lobster fans are probably fainting all along the Northeast coast right now.  I also didn’t strain the stock – I just removed the corn cobs – and I only used two onions instead of the called-for three.  I used half-and-half instead of cream, and it was still plenty rich.  I probably could have halved the butter and used all milk and not be disappointed, actually.  We didn’t add the sherry at the very end, as it was plenty boozy with a cup of wine and a 1/4 cup of sherry in the soup.  I wouldn’t shy away from using sherry even if you don’t like drinking it, though.  Neither my husband nor I like sherry for drinking, but we were introduced to sherry in creamy soups by way of she-crab soup in Virginia and South Carolina.  It definitely adds to the flavor of the soup, and I think it brings out the flavor of the seafood.

At one point, I was juggling too many things on my own at dinner time (who, me?), and I thought the soup had curdled while the potatoes were still cooking.  But reducing the heat and stirring it pretty constantly eliminated that problem, and it was just fine.



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2 responses to “Lobster Corn Chowder

  1. tydwbleach

    I AM LOVING all of these new posts!!! I watch INA like every day This is like her show coming to life in Minnesota!!!! AWESOME!!!!!! Love Tyd.

  2. Thanks, tyd! It’s been fun to get back in the groove of cooking and blogging after a too-long break. I have just over 250 recipes completed, but I think she has already published something like 560, with a new cookbook coming out in the fall. Yikes!

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