Celery & Parmesan Salad and Mustard Roasted Potatoes

Our CSA gave us a beautiful bunch of fresh, crispy, somewhat spicy celery this week, and I knew it would be a shame to just throw it in some soup where it would get lost with other flavors.  It was the perfect opportunity to make the celery and parmesan salad in How Easy is That?  The dressing is citrusy and strong enough to stand up to the fresh celery taste (or to liven up some not-so-fresh celery, I would imagine).


Our CSA also delivered some tender, fresh red potatoes.  I chopped some of them up for the mustard-roasted potatoes (Barefoot Contessa at Home).  They were not as mustardy as last night’s potatoes, but still a far cry from the lipton soup mix covered potatoes of my college days.  Maybe because they were so fresh, they cooked up in about half the recommended time, so I was glad I checked them.  I think the 50ish minute cook time would be more appropriate for whole potatoes, but since these were cut, they are much more quick to cook.

These side dishes were the perfect accompaniment to scallops provençal, which has become a favorite on our regular rotation.   


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  1. I saw this on her last show! :):)

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