Fruit and Cheese Platter

OK.  This is not as fancy as the version pictured in The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook, but it’s still awfully pretty.  And easy!   My kids are heavy into fruit and cheese, and we go through pounds of grapes, apples, and berries every week.  With produce, I try to stick to organic for at least the items on the “dirty dozen” list.  We tend to prefer milder cheese, like young cheddar and colby-jack.  I feel fortunate that both of them are at stages right now where they are open to trying new things, and more often than not, one will choose blueberries and the other will choose apples or carrots over anything else.  I’m sometimes intimidated by the sheer volume of food they can put away, and I think ahead to their teenage years with some trepidation.


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  1. Love this!,, look delicious!

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