Herbed Baked Eggs

I’ve often said that whoever wrote that song, “Easy Like Sunday Mornings” never saw me try to get our family ready for church every week.  It is not easy!  I’m generally operating as the solo parent, and getting everyone dressed, bathroomed, and ready to go on time is an exercise in efficiency.  I pack crackers, water, books, activities, diapers, wipes, band-aids … most people could probably scale mountains with what I bring to church with us on Sunday mornings.  My reward for bringing the kids with me every week is that they know the drill by now (even the little one!), and as long as I keep a steady supply of carbs coming, they tolerate the hour or so of church really well, and often enjoy it.  There have been thousands of discussions over the years, I’m sure, about bringing kids to church, whether they should be in the nursery or Sunday school instead, and what it means to bring them into a worship service.  Suffice it to say that I’ve had them with me for different reasons at different times, and for the most part it has worked well for us.  It has presented some challenges, of course, but I think it’s worthwhile.

All of this is to say that by the time church is done, we’re ready to come home and eat something simple but tasty.  We sometimes go out to a restaurant, but the kids just want to play and run around after the quiet sitting still-ness of church, and I often forget that I ask a lot of them.  Rather than wait in line for a pricey brunch, this baked egg dish (from Barefoot in Paris) will definitely make our regular rotation, maybe even for dinner sometime.  It smelled like our favorite French bistro – of garlic and butter and herbs.  It looked fancy enough to serve to guests.  We only have one large gratin dish, and not the individual gratins that the recipe calls for, but we just placed it between us on the table and used it as our collective trough.  The dish was basically licked clean.  Watch the eggs carefully especially if you like them on the runny side, as they cook quickly.  This would be especially good with some sauteed spinach or a light salad with vinaigrette  and fruit.


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