Summer Fruit Crostata

This is what happens when you get lazy and try to use a premade crust.

What is it that Mary Poppins says about pie crusts and promises?  Easily made, easily broken.

Luckily, thrift and stubbornness can overcome laziness.  I bunched up those strips of dough into a ball, and rolled them out into a circle.  The crostata form is a little more forgiving than a pie crust.  I cut up way too much fruit, and ended up making a crisp with what remained.  Here is the crostata.  It was delicious with vanilla ice cream!



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2 responses to “Summer Fruit Crostata

  1. tydwbleach

    I have made these before they are delicious!! Excellent!

  2. My son Spencer who is eight calls them “fake pie”… hahahaha

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