Baked Fontina

I have to admit, when my husband and I smelled this cooking, we both thought the same thing.  What died, and why are we cremating it in our oven?  It stunk to high heaven.  This is coming from the parents of two young boys, so we are no strangers to bad smells.  Even my sweet husband, ever the diplomat, might have said something like, “Are we, um, going to eat, um, whatever that is?”

But we were oh so pleasantly surprised.  Have we ever been so pleasantly surprised by something, outside of a delivery room?  Maybe not.  It turned out to taste so good that we practically licked the plate.  We do not have a serviceable cast iron pan – we did at one point, and it seems to have disappeared.  How does one lose a cast iron pan?  I’ll chalk that up to one of the great mysteries of the ages.  Anyway, pyrex worked fine.  It was not exactly dipping-worthy, though – we ended up cutting it, more like you would for a stringy pizza cheese.


…From How Easy is That?


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  1. tydwbleach

    Yummmmmmmmmmm You guys are on FIRE these days doing all of this!!!! You are AWESOME You are the BC of Minneota Christine is great at cooking too I am a slacker…. Esp since I started my job selling satellites.. but.. maybe after schools starts and I have fridays with no kid and no job I can cook a few things!!!

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