Eggplant Gratin and Summer Garden Pasta

These two recipes (the eggplant from Barefoot in Paris, and the Pasta from Barefoot at Home) worked beautifully together.  The eggplant alone might not have been enough for dinner – I probably would have made pasta to go alongside it anyway.  I used the long, thin, light purple “Asian” eggplants along with a larger, darker “globe” eggplant, and it didn’t make much of a difference in the final product.  I even used homemade ricotta!  As you can see, I used one large gratin dish instead of several smaller ones.


I found the pasta really hard to toss with the “sauce” of cherry tomatoes, olive oil, basil, and other seasonings.  I used the recommended cooking time and drained it right away, but it was kind of too … clumpy? … or something to combine easily with the other ingredients.  I would use a thicker/wider (fetuccini) or shorter (fusilli) pasta next time.  I will say that the fresh ingredients in this recipe are things that even novice gardeners seem to enjoy growing.  I love to grow basil, and even though I’ve never been successful with tomatoes, cherry tomatoes seem to be the variety of choice for beginner gardeners, or gardeners who just prefer to use pots instead of tilling up soil.  So, if you have a bumper crop of either or both of those plants, I would definitely make this.


Together, these two recipes are nice enough that they would be great for a dinner party with vegetarian guests.


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