A Wish List for the Barefoot Contessa

Dear Ina (may I call you Ina?),

I know you have a new cookbook coming out on October 30.  I can’t wait to see it.  I don’t know what will be inside, but here is a list of what I hope to find.  If you don’t take these ideas, that’s OK.  I will.  But I thought I’d give you a fair shot anyway.

  • A section about how to make the most of a CSA box.  Talk to us about substituting kale, chard, etc. for other vegetables in your recipes, and include some new ones.
  • What should we have in a well-stocked bar?
  • How to make a really good Cuban sandwich
  • Recipes for:  pad thai, pasta carbonara, peach cobbler
  • Instructions for a food truck themed party, and/or a bratwurst/hot dog/polish sausage party with all the condiments and fixings
  • Relating to the CSA and the renewed interest in local eating, canning, preserving, freezing, etc. – how about a section about how to make the most of seasonal fruit and vegetables?
  • Maybe an updated recipe for chicken stock that doesn’t use an entire chicken, but does use some of the leavings from fresh produce (chard stalks, onion skins, etc.).
  • Menus that incorporate recipes from all of your books.
  • How to tie a scarf in such a way that doesn’t invite people to ask you if you’re cold.

That’s all for now, I suppose.  Until you take on the cause, I’ll be making ugly peach cobbler like this:

This cobbler recipe came from a Junior League cookbook … from GEORGIA, for crying out loud. Shameful.

With undying affection,

The Curessa



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3 responses to “A Wish List for the Barefoot Contessa

  1. tydwbleach

    NOT UGLY!!!! AWESOME!!!!!

  2. Chris Swanson

    Kale – we use it in salad (raw) as the greens. Add some nuts (walnuts, pinenuts or pistachios), some fruit (citrus or berries) a little goat cheese and a ligth lime vinegarette or a raspberry vinegarette (Paul Newman brand has a few good ones). Very high in iron. You can also julienne the leaves and then saute it in olive oil with some minced garlic. – let it get a little crispy.

    Chard – I will e-mail you a recipe that your kids will love.

  3. I might add… More “TR” in your episodes. and less of the movie star ones… I wonder if Ina is running out of Beautiful People to cook for. And enough of your friends the Liebermans… They are in EVERY EPISODE lately.

    ALso with a giant house garden and “barn” dont you think she would own more than like 4 shirts?

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