Easy Parmesan “Risotto”

When we were first married about 10 years ago, I would make risotto all the time.  Cheap, easy, and we always had the ingredients on hand.  At that time, pre-kids, the 30 minutes of stovetop stirring that traditional risotto requires did not seem burdensome at all.  My husband and I would take turns stirring as we debriefed about our days, let the dogs out, and sorted the mail.  It was a nice way to unwind, actually.  Now, with two hungry kids and a less relaxed dinnertime routine, this method (throwing the whole mess in the oven for 45 minutes) was hugely preferable.  The rice didn’t turn out as “al dente” as my other risotto recipes – it was much softer.  My husband actually preferred this way.  I would maybe add some saffron next time, and we still ended up stirring on the stove top for five minutes or so at the end of the cooking time.  I had intended to serve it as a side dish, but we ended up using it as a main dish instead.  (Hint:  don’t put an whole partially-frozen chicken in the slow cooker after noon and expect it to fully cook by dinner time.)  It was plenty filling, and we were kind of glad that we didn’t have anything else to eat, except for some sauteed zucchini from the CSA box.  If you’re serving it as a main course, it makes 4 healthy servings.  It would make at least 6 as a side dish.  From How Easy is That?



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