Lobster Cobb Salad

There’s an adorable scene in Julie & Julia, where a group of friends go out for lunch.  They all order Cobb Salads, but each of them orders it with something omitted.  It’s funny because it’s so true – everyone has something that they don’t love in a cobb salad. I love avocado, bacon, and hard boiled egg, but I could do without blue cheese and raw onion.

This version (from Family Style) includes lobster, and I used langoustines (like the ones used in the Lobster Paella).  No onion, feta instead of blue cheese, dragon tongue beans instead of haricots verts, and cucumbers instead of tomatoes (simply because we used all of the tomatoes in soup and sandwiches this week!).  This was the best main dish salad that I have eaten in a long time, and it will keep well (without dressing) for the next day’s lunch.


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  1. Or you cheap out and buy langoustines at Costco.

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