There are some Barefoot Contessa recipes that are so simple and so quintessentially Ina that I can’t believe I’m just now getting around to making them.  Her hummus is one of those recipes.  I have tried different hummus recipes in the past, but none of them were all that great.  The taste was fine, but the texture was off.  This recipe (The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook & How Easy is That?) was smooth and light.  It really does help to reserve the liquid drained from the chickpeas – you will need it later to lighten up the hummus.  I used some fresh garlic from the CSA box, and it is really strong.  Like, scare the vampires away strong.  For that reason (and because I didn’t have any on hand – shhhh), I omitted the hot sauce. There’s nothing attractive about hummus, so I may sprinkle a little bit of fresh basil or paprika on it before serving.  I’m really excited about this batch – we have a ton of cucumbers, carrots, etc. to eat, and this will be a great way to serve them.


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