Arugula with Parmesan

This is yet another recipe (from Barefoot Contessa Family Style) that seems so basic and simple, and so classic in Ina’s canon, that I can’t believe that I haven’t made it yet.  And then I realized – I have made it.  It’s basically the salad that tops her white pizzas.  I think I prefer it on a pizza, but if you just want a simple salad and you have a ton of arugula to use, it was lovely and bright.  I overdressed the salads by accident, so the lemon was a little too tart for our tastes, but that was purely user error.


If you’re still drowning in arugula and you’re not really all that jazzed about eating it in salads or on pizza, I suggest making Mark Bittman’s arugula pesto.  I can’t find a recipe for it on the web, but you can easily just substitute a pile of arugula for the basil in any of Ina’s basil pesto recipes.  It freezes well if you don’t add the cheese (just add cheese after thawing and before serving).



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