Flat Beans with Pecorino

For this recipe (from How Easy is That?), I used the dragon tongue beans that came in our CSA box.  We get a ton of these beans all summer – they must be easy to grow?  They look kind of funny, and are more purple before cooking, but they have a mild flavor and a pretty smooth texture.  My four-year-old gobbles them up plain.  This recipe just adds some olive oil, salt, and pecorino cheese.  Two thumbs up.


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  1. Dear The Kitchen Osler (may I call you that?),
    You raise a good point. I wrote a good deal about the CSA box early on in the blog, but for those new readers, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a kind of “subscription” to an organic farm. We pay a fee in the late winter months, and in exchange, we get a box of clean, organic produce delivered to a local drop-off site. I highly recommend it, even if people don’t think they eat a lot of vegetables, because it gets used up pretty quickly. Unless, of course, you don’t eat bell peppers. Then I can’t help you.

    Here’s my blog post explaining it: https://curessa.wordpress.com/2010/01/07/community-supported-agriculture/

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