Omelet for Two

I was intimidated by two things in this recipe (from Barefoot Contessa at Home).

First, omelets are not my forte.  I know they’re supposed to be easy, but for me they just seem easy to screw up.  People always seem to be making omelets late at night in movies, and they just whip them up from whatever is hanging out in the fridge.  Why not toast?  Cereal?  A peanut butter sandwich?  Omelets seem kind of complex for a midnight snack.

Second, this requires a pan that is not nonstick.  Eggs and non-nonstick pans do not mix in my world.  (Have I told you the story of this pan?  It was a wedding gift, and one of my favorites.  Almost ten years later, it’s still kicking.)

I needn’t have worried.  The omelet (finished in the oven) came out beautifully, with no sticking.  I bought Nueske’s bacon.  Nueske’s is legendary in my family because it’s the one place that we’ve seen my ultra-health-conscious mother dig in to a hot dog like it’s her job.  The potatoes and onions together were amazing.  We substituted a pinch of cayenne for the jalapeño, even though I had a hot pepper in the fridge from the CSA, because my husband vetoed it.  I’d like to try it again sometime with a little more heat.  This omelet is perfect for a leisurely weekend morning at home – you can clean up, empty the dishwasher and pour yourself another cup of coffee while it bakes in the oven.


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  1. The Kitchen Osler

    I’m quite taken with your idea of making the omelet into a forte. If I pay you real money (or babysitting) will you make an Omelet Forte Snelling?

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